Joe’s Weather Blog: So many 90s with a another small break coming (WED-7/4)

Good afternoon…another toasty day out there today with temperatures popping into the mid 90s in the region and with dew points in the 70-75° range…it’s all of summer out there again. There is a very weak cold front that more importantly will take those oppressive dew points down over the weekend…so at least it will be a bit more bearable out there but the overall pattern is hot as usual it seems…and more 90s are coming next week. Perhaps a lot more.


Tonight: Fair skies and warm with lows in the mid 70s

Thursday: Hot and humid with highs into the low>mid 90s. There may be some storms out there though, especially later in the day and in the evening as a cold front drifts into and through the area. Some of those storms could have some 60 mph winds…although the higher risk appears to be in N MO right now.

Friday: Partly sunny and still warm with highs well into the 80s to near 90°. The dew points will be dropping slowly as the day moves along though. Small storm chance

This weekend: Nice with highs 85-90° and dew points that are going to be very OK for July. That means more comfortable mornings and evenings ahead.


The oppressive weather that’s out there today is rather widespread. Many areas from the Midwest through the eastern US are hot and humid.

Actual forecast highs today….

From northern Maine (!) to the SW…pretty toasty. There is some rather pleasant air across the far western Plains and into the northern Rockies though!

Here are the current temperatures…

and the “feels like”/heat index values…

Portland, ME has already set a record high today of 92° and it’s just lunchtime!

The areas outlines in orange below represent heat advisories…the pink…excessive heat warnings and the red…excessive heat watches

So there is some relief showing up nicely. This has been talked about for a awhile now and the only question is IF we can get some needed rains from this relief…because IF not…next week isn’t too promising for moisture.

That front will sort of ease through the area…odd to me that the model data isn’t showing more convection with it…even the models that typically blow up storms are sort of restrained somewhat right now with the storm chances later tomorrow. Tough to imagine that their isn’t anything out there considering the instability that will be around tomorrow afternoon but the best instability looks to be farther north towards the IA border and that seems to be the more favored area for storms too generate. Then we’ll have to rely on outflow from the storms to perhaps generate additional convection closer to home later tomorrow or tomorrow evening.

That type of deal is sort of a feast or famine type thing. Would I be surprised if some get 1-2″ of fast hitting rains…no. Would I be surprised if many don’t get a drop…nope. Be hopeful but don’t be surprised if you don’t get the rain you want.

Friday’s chances still don’t look great to me but IF something can form towards the central parts and northern parts of KS…there can be some drifting towards our area…so it’s something to pay attention too.

Drier air and cooler air moves in for the weekend.

Then the heat recirculates back into the area next week. Monday we transition back into the 90s and from there once again lots of mid 90s are expected (give or take a couple of degrees) into next week.

I’ve been keeping track of the run of 90s this year. Today will be the 23rd day. Average is 41. At some point this summer…100° days are coming as long as we’re still in the process of drying out. Odds are it’s just a matter of time. 

Our feature photo comes from ‎Cassidy Russell‎


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