KCK home goes up in flames due to improper disposal of fireworks

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A Kansas City, Kansas, home caught fire after fireworks were not properly disposed of.

“My first thought, I have three kids in the house, so I thought it was my house, but when I got closer it wasn’t my house,” neighbor Cheng Her said.

Workers boarded up the side of the home and put a tarp on the roof this morning after that damage, and now a family is out of their home.

“I went to shop with my wife, and when we got back, we saw the firefighters already here, and I saw a big old fire here, and flames going up pretty high,” Her said.

Around 11 p.m. Tuesday night, neighbors said they saw flames billowing out of the home.

“Bad fire damage on the deck, outside the kitchen door, also fire damage on the east side of the house, and major fire damage to the roof,” Ted Sherwood, the manager of 1-800-Board Up of Kansas City, said.

The emergency service organization, 1-800-Board-Up of Kansas City, spent the morning boarding up the home.

“I did see a little fireworks debris around there this morning when we tarped the roof,” Sherwood added.

According to the KCK Fire Department, fireworks were the cause of this fire.

A spokesman for the department said it didn’t happen while being set off,  but after the fact because they were not disposed of properly.

He said somehow they were smothered and reignited.

“I don’t buy fireworks, but I know this is going to happen, a couple years ago, one of my cousins was playing with fireworks, and one of my cousins got hurt, he burned one of his arms, so I worry about my kids getting burned so I don’t buy fireworks, but this time it happened to a house,” Her said.

Her said people have been playing with fireworks in this neighborhood for days now, and says something happens every year on July 4th.

“Two or three years ago we were called to about four or five fires on the Fourth of July, and they were all related to fireworks,” Sherwood said.

In KCK, fireworks can be discharged between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m., but the fire department said this is a good reminder to dispose of them properly.

Double check to make sure they are completely out, and pour water over them.

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