Which city is more patriotic: Liberty or Independence?

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Liberty and Independence. They are the names of two towns in Missouri but they are also two words that are building blocks of what this country was founded on.

And on a day like the 4th of July, there’s only one thing we wanted to know: which city is more patriotic?

Two different answers to one common question. It's hard not to look at the two cities on Independence Day and ask those out celebrating the holiday why they believe their city is more patriotic.

"Liberty because all my family lives here and we all celebrate the 4th and every other holiday around here," Charles Smith, a Liberty resident said. "It’s my mama’s favorite holiday and I miss her."

Several generations of the Morgan family continued their tradition of meeting at Ruth Moore Park, just blocks away from William Jewell College, to celebrate a holiday that makes even the youngest of the bunch dance with excitement.

"Just getting together (with family) and having a good time. I’ve got my nieces, my nephew, my brother, my cousins, my daughters, great nephews," Vanessa Morgan, a Liberty resident, said.

The Waters family of Independence believes their city's story along with a destination for many to visit makes their city THE city to celebrate Independence Day.

"This is the home of Harry S. Truman, it’s a center point for the jumping to go west for the Santa Fe, California/Oregon trails, a lot of beginnings start here," Theresa Waters said.

Waters and her family enjoyed their annual 4th of July festivities across the street from the Harry S Truman Library. A destination Andrew Bystrom, who lives in Los Angeles, has waited years to visit and finally did this year.

"We wanted to visit the Truman Library. I haven’t been there, I’ve heard all these good things about him but I wanted to verify it in my mind, today. We just enjoy it. Seeing all these flags, it brings the spirit out of Harry Truman," Bystrom said.

Despite the solid arguments both families had, there was a common theme among each of them: family and sacrifice. Qualities the Morgans and the Waters did not forget.

"The 4th of July is special because of the freedoms we have which are not free. Our family is military, we have Army, Navy, Army, my boy is in Ft. Leonard Wood right now with the Army National guard. We take for granted the freedoms we have but there are people making sure we can do so," Waters said.

"It’s really, truly special because we’re celebrating the past and celebrating the history of the United States," Nathaniel Chapman said.

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