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7-year-old KCK boy drowns in Texas pool while visiting family

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A little boy from KCK jumped into a swimming pool and drowned last week while visiting family in Texas.

A week later, his mother and grandmother still can't believe 7-year-old Levi is gone.

"I packed his bag because I was like, 'No, he didn't do that. I know he`s going to come home,'" said Monique Banks, Levi's mom. "So I packed his bag. I didn't even pack me anything. So I just packed his bag and I was like, 'he`s coming home.'"

But little Levi sadly won't be coming home.

7-year-old Levi

"I just dropped to the floor and just started praying," said Levi's grandmother, Domineak Davis-Banks.

When Levi's mom got the news that he had drowned, she flew to Dallas where he was visiting his grandfather.

"He bumped his head -- fell into it, bumped his head and wasn`t able to save himself," Davis-Banks said.

Investigators believe he was under water at the complex pool for 15-20 minutes.

His mom said a neighbor saw Levi lying at the bottom of the pool and pulled him out. They tried to do CPR, but it was too late. He died at the hospital.

Levi's mom said he knew how to swim -- but not well. Now, she and Levi's grandmother want people to remember just how dangerous a swimming pool can be to children.

"The pool was 5 feet deep," Davis-Banks said. "He can go in and out of the pool on his own. There should have been some type of locking mechanism there for him not to be able to enter the pool alone. Even if someone took their eye off of him for a second, he shouldn't have had access to the pool like that."

"He was unsupervised," Levi's mom said. "So that`s mainly what I just want, is for people to look out for their babies, anywhere, but especially at the pool."

Levi was born in KCK. It's where he'll rest, too. His body is being returned for his funeral.

Davis-Banks said they donated the 7-year-old's organs, which helped save six other young children.

"Levi was a selfless boy in real life, so we wanted to do that as a memory," she said.

He was about to begin second grade at Eugene Ware Elementary School in the fall.

"He was such a joyous spirit to be around," Davis-Banks said. "He was a good little boy. He was so smart. He had so many friends at school. The teachers loved him."

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the little boy's family.

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