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Clay County authorities still working to solve mystery of how two young sisters died

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CLAY COUNTY, Mo. -- Investigators are still trying to figure out how two young sisters mysteriously died in Clay County on Wednesday. They say there are no signs of foul play.

FOX4 reached out to Clay County investigators Thursday morning to see if there is any new information to share and have not yet heard back, but we do know that a medical examiner will conduct autopsies on these two little girls, both under the age of five, to determine exactly how they died.

Sheriff`s deputies were called to the family's house off of 92 Highway and Cameron Road, just east of Kearney, shortly after noon on Wednesday. When they arrived, they found the two girls unresponsive with no evidence of how they died.

The mother told investigators she went outside and found both girls not breathing, so she picked them up and ran them to the neighbor`s house for help.

Officials say there were no apparent physical injuries to the girls. They didn`t appear to be hit by a car or shot, and it didn`t appear as if either one drowned. FOX4 crews did see an SUV on the property with its doors open, and with it being such a hot day we asked if the heat could`ve caused their deaths. That is something investigators said the medical examiner will determine once the autopsies are complete.

Investigators spent the rest of the day on the property executing a search warrant to find whatever clues and evidence they could to help solve this mystery.

"So far everyone that`s involved is working with investigators. There`s no reason to believe anyone is trying to hide anything but we know with other situations, we want to make sure no one is lying and make sure we get to the bottom of this," Captain Will Akin said.

Investigators say the girls` mother is cooperating right now and at this time, is not a suspect. FOX4 will continue to follow and share developments as the investigation progresses.

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