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Metro shelters filled with missing pets scared by Fourth of July fireworks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This week is one of the busiest for area animal shelters: Hundreds of pets disappear around the area each Fourth of July, trying to escape the sounds of fireworks.

"We got a lost dog we`re trying to get found," Les Stuckey said about his missing hound dog, Doggin.

He was nailing up missing posters Thursday in the area of N.E. 44th Street and Holmes Road.

"I've been putting them all up and down the street, talking to all the neighbors," he said.

When he’s not searching the streets, he’s visiting area shelters, going down aisle after aisle hoping to see the face of a beloved part of his family.

"There have been several people coming through today looking for lost pets," said Tori Fugate, communications director for KC Pet Project.

More than 120 strays have been dropped off at KC Pet Project since Saturday when fireworks started going off in neighborhoods.

"Some people were shooting off fireworks. It was about 11:15 p.m Saturday. I let him out, and I haven`t seen him since," Cathy Kotzias’s said.

Her trip to Kansas City's animal shelter in search of her 2-year old Australian Shepherd named Bear came up empty. As did Stuckey’s search for Doggin.

Fugate said the dozens of flyers for missing dogs posted inside the shelter shouldn’t discourage pet owners.

"Never give up hope. Keep looking. Use Facebook, use Nextdoor, use those sites to help and see if you can get it back home with you faster," Fugate said.

KC Pet Project posts photos of all the dogs they bring in. But Stuckey said he’ll be back Friday to walk the shelter's aisles in search of his hound dog.

"Hopefully we can get the dog back it would mean the world to my granddaughter to see her best friend come back," Stuckey said.

If you're missing a pet, you're encouraged to check nearby shelters' websites daily. The longer your pet's in there, the more boarding fees you might have to pay.

Plus, at most shelters, after a handful of days, if your furry friend wasn't micro-chipped, it could eligible for adoption.

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