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Blue Springs mom with son battling cancer loses job and car, then home to fire

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A fire at a Blue Springs home Sunday was just the latest in a series of tragedies for a single mom and her three boys.

In the last month, Kandace Odom lost her job, her car, and now her family home. To top it off, her 7-year-old son Lyric has autism and astrocytoma, cancerous tumors in his spine.

"On his bad days, he won't walk at all. He won't get up. He asks for you to carry him," Odom said.

The single mom lost lost her job when she no longer had someone to care for her youngest son, Lincoln. Then as she was driving down Interstate 70 with him, she hit a stalled car with no flashers on the shoulder, and her vehicle was totaled.

"Every time I've asked, 'How much more is one person expected to take?'" Odom wondered.

Kandace Odom

Sunday her will was tested again when the family's Leann Lane home caught fire.

"Everything was black. The house was full of smoke," Odom recalled.

The fire spread to a propane grill, and the house's main gas line as she rushed to get the children and her dog and cat out.

"We made it out with nothing but each other," she said.

Almost everything was destroyed. Odom salvaged one of Lyric's charred Exceptionals League baseball trophies for children with disabilities and the bracelet she was wearing at the time of the fire with the word "trust" on it.

Kandace Odom's charred Blue Springs home

"To lose our home and everything in it, there has to be a plan that I don't know about it," the heartbroken mom said.

The American Red Cross assisted the family by providing three nights' stay at an Overland Park hotel. That assistance just ran out.

Odom spent Friday afternoon at the hotel pool with the boys, trying to come up with a way to keep the family afloat. She's working on finding a job with child care and a car and new home as she waits for word about what treatment Lyric might need next.

"I'm thankful that we all have each other. We are all still able to hold each other. It's not our home, but it's our home for now. We all have our roof over our heads. We all still have full bellies. I know we are going to make it," Odom said tearfully.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Unfortunately, because of their ongoing struggles, the family didn't have renter's insurance.

A Go Fund Me page had raised $425 for the family as of Friday night.