KC couple warning pet owners after strangers try to take off with their pup at dog park

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A KC couple almost lost their Beagle last week: They took him to a local dog park to play, and that's when another couple tried to walk out with him.

Whether that couple meant to take their dog or just made a mistake isn't clear. But regardless, it's unnerved Emily Sheldon and Shawn Lavery.

The two take their dog Bo to several different dog parks around Kansas City. Last week, it was Bar K in the West Bottoms.

"I noticed someone approaching him and him backing away," Sheldon said. "The guy seemed to be wanting to pet him."

That was their first red flag: Bo's a friendly dog, so it was unusual for him to be afraid of someone.

The man pulled Bo out from under a table and picked him up -- another red flag.

Emily Sheldon and Shawn Lavery

"He took him around and introduced him to other people like it was his dog, got him to the front gate, and I said, 'All right, he's trying to leave with him," Lavery said.

And that's when they confronted the man.

"I just said, 'Hey, that`s our dog,' and that's when they were like, 'Oh! Well, we thought he was a lot nicer than our dog,'" he said.

It was a middle-aged couple.

"The woman left first and waited at the gate, and that`s when he kinda went like this and grabbed him and walked off. And she was waiting with the leash," Lavery said.

Sheldon and Lavery got Bo back, and the other couple left.

"After that we went immediately to the owner and spoke to him and said, 'Hey, this couple almost walked out with our dog,'" Lavery said.

The owner didn't have a record of the couple's names.

Sheldon and Lavery don't blame Bar K and said the whole thing could be a big misunderstanding.

Bo the Beagle

"We don`t know what the situation was, but it seemed to us like he was trying to take him. I thought it was weird," Lavery said.

But whether that couple meant to steal their dog or simply made a mistake, Sheldon and Lavery want to warn other pet owners. They say the whole thing happened in just a few minutes.

"It's scary. I mean, it sucks that you would even have to worry about that, going anywhere," Lavery said.

It's certainly scary to think what might have happened had they been looking the other way.

"If our dog was stolen, what's the two things that would happen? Either he's being kept or resold or bait dog. So any situation would be absolutely horrible," Lavery said.

They said that couple didn't explain or apologize. Just left in a hurry.

FOX4 reached out to Bar K, but the company declined to comment.

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