Northland neighbors irritated with piles of trash going uncollected

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  -- Trash is piling up in one Northland neighborhood, and people who live there are getting pretty frustrated.

Neighbors near Northeast 101st Terrace and North Oak Trafficway are living amongst garbage -- literally. Trash that should have been picked up Monday is still sitting in on the curb.

Residents say their trash service is erratic at best. Sometimes it gets picked up Monday as scheduled, sometimes it is Tuesday.

When residents called the city's 311 line Wednesday, they say they were told there's a 24-hour rule, and since it is past that, they have to take care of it themselves.

Residents are understandably irritated.

"They don`t have a problem raising our water bill, which includes our trash pick up. They don`t have a problem doing that, but then we can`t get trash picked up," Ed Warczakoski said.

John Baccala, community liaison with the city of Kansas City, said he's not familiar with any 24-hour rule. He said the trash contractor in the Northland has been delayed because of the Fourth of July and trash amnesty week.

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