Off-duty KC cop didn’t hesitate to tackle suspect firing gun into Westport crowd

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It started out as a routine walk in Westport for off-duty KCPD Officer Cody Halterman.

”I mean a lot of the bars had just let out, and I was just walking down the street,” Halterman said.

Within seconds, the Kansas City policeman heard several gunshots.

“I saw him pull the black, semi-automatic handgun from his front waistband with his left hand, and then he fired at several times into the crowd,” Halterman said Thursday during an exclusive interview with FOX4.

Two people suffered injuries in the shooting, and dozens of others panicked and ran for cover. But not Halterman.

The 25-year-old said after firing the shots, suspect Davontae McCutcheon ran. He didn’t get far.

”I chased him, and once I got to him, I jumped on his back," Halterman said. "He’s a few inches taller than me, but I still used both of my hands to pull his arms back, so he couldn’t reach for anything, and I kind of used what’s called the leg sweep to take him down to the ground."

And for his bravery, on Wednesday, Halterman received a surprise from KCPD Chief Rick Smith.

”Yeah, it was a big surprise. He called me in and gave me a nice, 'Police Chief’s Award,' for what I did," Halterman said. "It’s pretty cool to me. I’m humble about it all, and yes, I’ll be back out there in Westport Friday night."