If 2019 budget is approved, WyCo. residents could pay fewer property taxes

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- As housing prices continue to rise, so does the amount of money you pay in property taxes. But one county is getting ready to once again cut taxes.

If the Unified Government approves the proposed 2019 budget, Wyandotte County could save about $20 per year in property taxes.

The county administrator wants to cut property taxes by five percent next year, which would be the third straight year Wyandotte County lawmakers have cut them.

During the past two decades, Wyandotte County has cut property taxes by 21-percent.

Government officials had thousands of residents fill out surveys, and many wanted lower taxes. They also want a downtown grocery store, which is about to become a reality.

The county plans to spend $6 million and work with a grocer called The Merc to build a store at 5th and Minnesota, which is currently a surface parking lot.

Also, more than half the budget will pay for public safety – police and fire.

Despite the property tax cuts, the government is still expected to bring in $10 million more in revenue next year due to rising property values.