KC nonprofit’s signs urge drivers to leave handicapped parking for those who need it

One of the new signs going up around Kansas City, urging drivers to leave handicapped parking spots for people who need them.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local nonprofit hopes their message keeps people from parking in handicapped spots when they shouldn’t.

You might have seen the signs at private businesses around the metro. Now, they’re up at the Kansas City Zoo and will be going up at other public places in the city.

The message is a simple one: “Think of me. Keep it free.” The signs feature children from Variety KC, a local nonprofit that helps disabled children live full lives.

“Sometimes people inadvertently park there because it’s easy and quick, but the truth is there might be a mother and child that needs to be there,” Kansas City Councilwoman Heather Hall said. “If we put a face there, people are not willing to park so quickly.”

Kansas City is the first local government to start using the signs. Police have said, at businesses already using the signs, the number of tickets for parking violations has dropped.


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