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Police sending patches to fallen deputy’s son

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It's been one month since two Wyandotte County deputies lost their lives while transporting an inmate from court to jail.

Now, Deputy Patrick Rohrer's son is asking law enforcement all around for police patches.

"It is a very trying time for the family and it is not something that you really ever get over," Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter told Wichita's KSN News.

These patches, are more than just an emblem.

Major Harold Heatley of the Tazewell County Sheriffs Office says, "It is heart wrenching I can not imagine for the family."

They represent a family.

"You can not take any of it for granted," adds Major Heatley. "It is a bond no matter where you are."

That's because the bond in law enforcement reaches across the country. Little less than a month ago Wyandotte County Sheriff Patrick Rohrer was overcome by an inmate and was killed.

Heatley says, "That is probably my biggest fear, to go to somebody's home to tell them their mother or father is not coming home."

Rohrer's son is now collecting patches in honor of his father.

"When they sent out they wanted patches for Connor, the 5 year old son, absolutely we are sending some patches up," says Sheriff Easter.

"Connor we are sending this (patches) out to you tomorrow," says Heatley.

Whether or not it is from Virginia or Kansas these patches show just how closely stitched together law enforcement is.

"I think it means a lot to the family," says Easter,

Heatley says, "Buddy, just know that any of us, any state you go to, my friend, we are here for you, here for your family and if there is anything we can do in Tazewell, Virginia don't hesitate to call us, We love you and we mean that."

You can mail the address below:
Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department
c/o Jared Gambrel
Patches for Connor
710 N. 7th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101