Overland Park teens may face trespassing charges after being rescued from storm drain

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Three Overland Park teenagers may face trespassing charges after being rescued from a storm drain Tuesday.

They were trying to raft on the rough waters during Tuesday night’s rain and were rescued near 69 Highway and 119th Street.

I’m just thankful that they showed up when they did,” said Stephen Glenn, who was rescued from the storm drain. “If they didn’t show up, then we honestly could have died.”

The 13-year-old said, around 7 p.m. Tuesday, the friends decided to bring a raft to go through a storm drain.

“There was a hole at the bottom, so we really couldn’t ride on it” Glenn explained.

He said he’s known one boy since kindergarten and just met the two other boys, one of whom decided he didn’t want to participate.

“Looking back now, I think I should have stayed out, instead of go in,” Glenn added.

The water started to rise and get rough. Glenn said firefighters were waiting near where they started when they made it back.

“On the way back, everything was going OK, but everybody’s legs were starting to get tired, and that’s not really good in that situation,” Glenn said.

“A sergeant with the Overland Park Police Department talked to me and said, 'You need to come down here to 117th and 69 Highway,' and I said, 'Why?' and he said, 'Your grandson and some of his friends went with a raft and went through the storm drain,'” said Glenn's grandmother, Pamela Wright.

Wright said she and her granddaughter were heading to pick him up when they saw the ambulances. She said it didn’t even cross her mind it involved her grandson.

 “We get down there, and we’re both panicking, and I’m shaking on the inside,” Wright said. “The officers told us what had happened and all this, and the main thing he said was that they’re lucky. They were so afraid they were going to dive in there and find three dead teenage boys.”

Glenn said he didn’t see the signs posted. 

“They said that there’s a very good possibility that there’s going to be trespassing charges,” Glenn said.

 “And I know they’re boys, but they didn’t use their common sense,” Wright added. “The sergeant said he chewed all three of them out and told them definitely what could have happened: 'You three could have drowned.'”

Overland Park police are sending the report out to the District Attorney’s office for review. They added the tunnel has been an ongoing issue involving kids.

Glenn said they’ve learned their lesson and will never do it again.