Joe’s Weather Blog: More or less typical summer days (some less hot weather too) (THU-7/19)

Drove all day yesterday and got back around 10PM or so last night…overall just a great trip with much more comfortable weather in northern MI. When we left yesterday morning the lows there were in the mid 40s(!). Almost had to put on long pants. Then when we got to the house and got out of the car…my glasses fogged up instantly…ahhh to be back into the Midwest humidity.


Today: A few isolated early storms on the MO side before 10AM…then turning mostly sunny with perhaps some isolated thunderstorms later today. Humid and seasonably warm with highs around 90-95°. Muggy as well with heat index values near or above 105°

Tonight: Fair skies and muggy with lows in the 70s

Friday: Partly cloudy and seasonable with highs around 90°…some isolated PM storms possible

This weekend: About the same..reduced rain chances though. Highs in the upper 80s to near 90°


I just emptied out a pinch over 3″ of rain from my gauge so it appears I was one of the luckier areas to get the needed rains that were moving through parts of the area…many have not though and I recognize that.

Over the last 60 days (longer for some)…there hasn’t been a lot of positives when it comes to rain in the region. Some areas, as shown by the maps below, in the green/blue shades, are above average in that time span…but the browns and reds are most abundant…and that is indicating below to well below average totals.

One interesting note about the above map is that the central and western parts of KS have done a nice reversal in the arid conditions that plagued that region to start he year…not as bad now.

On the MO side…some areas SE of KC are looking better…especially towards the Lakes region.

For the KC region (as a whole)…not so good. A LOT of red showing up representing well below average totals over the last 60 days.

The new drought monitor is out…not a lot of change from last week to this week.

On the KS side…few changes…but notice how things have changed there in the last 3 months….much better across parts of western KS and northwestern KS as well.

It does appear that after today the rain chances will be reduced heading through the weekend…so IF you don’t get anything today (many probably won’t) that will do it for awhile again. Here is radar in case we see some development this afternoon from a weak wave moving through N KS today.

Temperatures will be around to slightly above average through the weekend…probably in the 90-95° range. Nothing extreme though unlike previously this month.

Temperatures this month are running about 3° above average.

I’m working on that different way of showing rain stats for the area, as opposed to one location…and will get some of that information out on the air and in the blog over the weekend.

There are quite a few things I’ve been watching via my twitter feed over the last couple of weeks,,,one of which is this. It’s fascinating video of a fire whirl…that turned into a waterspout of sorts…really amazing stuff!

The fire season will continue to worsen out west especially as the dome of heat starts migrating more westwards toward and west of the Rockies over the next 10-14 days.

Meanwhile…something I haven’t written about lately…severe weather. I saw this tweet awhile back…and it’s still pretty valid I think and gives you an idea of how “quiet” severe weather season has been in 2018…

Despite the lack of tornadoes and deaths attributed to them (thankfully)…lightning is still a big issue.

In my last blog I mentioned that we should be seeing some “less hot” weather next week…I still think we have some 85-90° type days coming…probably after Tuesday of next week.

That’s it for today…the feature photo today is from a friend of mine…Private Tuttle on twitter who has not really had much rain lately…but yet his peach tree is cranking out some good ones…

Nice to be back…



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