MU football coach Barry Odom beaten to fashion punch at SEC Media Days

ATLANTA —  University of Missouri’s Barry Odom was hoping to make a splash at Southeastern Conference Media Days, but someone had the same idea and beat him to the punch.

Odom said he planned to wear a pair of custom-made Jordan sneakers to the event at the College Football Hall of Fame. But Florida’s new coach Dan Mullen had already pulled off that fashion statement during his appearance Tuesday .

So Odom stuck with his boring ol’ dress shoes. The way he puts it, “That’s already been done. So you’ve got to get some new material.”

Mullen’s shoes have taken on a life of their own at the SEC’s annual kickoff event. When he was coaching at Mississippi State, he showed up in gray Yeezys along with a suit , a nice little mix of couture and marketing for the Adidas school.

Now that Mullen is coaching at a Nike school, he switched over to a custom set of Jumpmans for media days.

When Odom saw that, he left his Jordans at home.