Ohio teen says he was scammed while playing Fortnite

MASON, Ohio — An Ohio teen says he was targeted by a scammer while playing the popular video game Fortnite.

When it comes to Fortnite, chances are your teen knows more about the game than you. But although they may know the secrets to survival, it’s easy for kids to let down their guard down when in the midst of an intense battle.

That’s what happened to 13-year-old Jake Bates.

Like all players, the Mason, Ohio, teen is able to chat with others from around the globe.

This past weekend, another gamer built up Jake’s trust and convinced him to hand over his username and password so the gamer could give him more skins.

“And when he logged into his account, he took everything over,” Jake’s mom Amy Bates said. “The guy took over his account but also took over his email account and changed the passwords, changed the recovery passwords and the phone number.”

Any personal information in Jake’s e-mails that hacker now had. And since Amy Bates credit card number was attached to the Fortnite game, the scammer had access to that, too.

Not to mention the crook ended up killing off Jake’s character, which the teen invested hundreds of dollars into since starting the game last year.

“I think he just feels violated,” Amy Bates said.

Now the Ohio mom wants to tell their story so scammers don’t play your kid while they’re playing the game.

“It says on the game not to give your information out and, ya know, I’m like, it’s a lesson learned,” she said.

Bates has filed a complaint about the incident with Epic Games, the company that developed Fortnite.

To prevent this from happening to you, gaming websites recommend that players never share their personal information and use throwaway credit cards not linked to a bank account.

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