How many Red Bulls can this thief fit down his pants?

CASEYVILLE, Ill. -  Police in suburban St. Louis are left with a mystery: how many packages of Red Bull can a thief fit down his pants?

Caseyville, Illinois police released surveillance video of a thief stuffing (by their count) 44 cans of Red Bull energy drink down his pants and walking out the door on July 11.  They say he later returned to the store about three hours later and stole another 32 cans of Red Bull.  A day later, he returned to the same store and swiped another 44 cans.  All of the Red Bull was in 4-pack boxes, adding up to 120 cans of Red Bull over a two-day period.

A Facebook post from Caseyville, Ill. police says the thief "appears to have sweat pants on underneath his shorts. This makes it possible for him to put so many items in his pants."

As of Sunday, the thief had not been arrested.

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