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Group of pajama-loving strangers from around KC metro form new friendships online

CLINTON, Mo. -- Think of them as sisters in similar sleepwear.

A Facebook craze that involves adult pajama parties has caught on in the metro, and one group of local women is definitely joining in.

There's power in pajamas, according to the Sisterhood of the Traveling RV Pajamas, a group of 50-plus women who share an enthusiasm for Secret Treasures brand sleepwear.

Warrensburg`s Jeanne Gwin formed a Facebook group of pajama patrons, and this weekend around 20 of the group's 80 members gathered near Clinton.

Gwin and her girls are all fans of recreational vehicles, which they use to camp out in various spots. Once Gwin started her Facebook group, she realized there were other similar online communities -- all of which center their attention around the $10 sleep sets that feature campers and plastic flamingos.

"We've really bonded. None of us knew each other except these two women. We are virtual strangers to each other," Gwin said.

And from the looks of this weekend's photos, the pajama party got kind of crazy.

"A little bit of drinking, maybe a whole lot of drinking," Gwin said.

The cotton pajamas are available at numerous online retailers.

Gwin is a cancer survivor who said her new friends make her thankful for each day.

Sharon Johnson, from Independence, said meeting friends on social media isn't easy, but in this case, it's worth it.

"When you make friends on Facebook, you have to be a little leery sometimes. But these gals, I don't know, we just clicked," Johnson said.

Gwin said the best part of this sisterhood is making new friends. She said she didn't know more than a few of the women beforehand, and now she has new lifelong friends.

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