Olathe shows off newest middle school in summer open house

OLATHE, Kan. -- School is still out for the summer, but one Olathe middle school was full of students and parents Monday night. Hundreds turned out for an open house for Summit Trail Middle School.

Principal Sarah Guerrero and her staff showed off the brand-new 150,000-square-foot middle school, the 10th in Olathe’s district.

“Construction’s construction. But it’ll feel like a building when the kids walk through the door, and that’s why we’re here," Guerrero said.

After months of planning and $30 million later, the Saber Cats are ready for the fall. Check out the new school in the video player above.

Two of the more than 500 students starting here next month belong to Amy Schlepp.

“For us in particular with living right here near the school, we were driving 2 or 3 miles across to a different part of town to go to middle school, so now it’s a lot closer," the Olathe mom said.

The new school, east of K-7 and 119th, will help relieve traffic jams and crowded classrooms from the two middle schools nearby.

Guerrero highlighted some of the school’s unique features at Monday's open house.

“We have what we call our blended learning labs, so basically two learning pods. You’ll see the furniture that’s out there. Everything’s on wheels," she said.

School leaders also wanted an atmosphere that would stay trendy.

“We wanted to set our graphics more of what’s it going to look like 10 years from now," Guerrero said. "Will it still look pretty amazing? Will it still look like a new school?”

Students like Digory, an incoming sixth-grader, already have a favorite feature picked out.

“The learning stairs! I can do my homework or something on it," Digory said.

“The same smile that you see tonight, the same excitement, that’s the culture we want to build in our building," Guerrero said. "We want our kids to feel the same way every single day they walk in the building.”

Classes for sixth-graders begin Aug. 15, then for all other grades on Aug. 16.

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