Joe’s Weather Blog: Searing heat in parts of the country…not for KC (TUE-7/24)

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I mentioned over the weekend on the air…the potential of cool weather this coming weekend…and even the potential of temperatures in the 70s for highs…that remains on the table. The way it can happen is with a rain/cloud combo…and that will be possible over the weekend. So for those with hearts set on fun things this weekend outside…pay attention to possible forecast adjustments as we get closer…because we’re setting up to see some rain potentially.

The other story for the blog is the searing heat to the south of the region. It’s been nasty hot in TX and through the SW part of the country. When ALL-TIME record highs are broken…that catches my attention.


Today: Mostly sunny with highs around 90°

Tonight: Fair with lows in the 60s

Wednesday: Partly cloudy and hot with highs 90-93°

Thursday: A chance of showers/storms (40%) otherwise variable clouds and not as hot with highs in the 80s


Let’s start with the searing heat! Oh my it’s been brutal in Texas lately. It’s so bad in California again that they’re asking folks to watch their power consumption…keeping A/C’s around 78°…reducing electric waste. Their concerned about the power grid out there holding up with 100-120° temperatures expected. Phoenix yesterday set a daily record high for 7/23…that’s pretty amazing considering they’re out in the desert. Waco, TX set an ALL Time record high of 114°!

That would be the equivalent of KC breaking our ALL time record high. That is 113° set back in 1936. We’d have to hit 114° to break that record…and that won’t be happening here. Still though a bit of perspective when talking about ALL time record highs.

It’s been hot…and it’s been persistently hit down there. Look at the 6 day average highs from the 17th through the 22nd. Notice the avg highs are near 110° in parts of Texas.

The worst of the heat in the Dallas area will ebb a bit. Still roasty…just not as brutal.

Meanwhile as the strong dome of heat moves west…Phoenix will continue to sizzle.

Now it’s typically hot in that part of the country…but those highs are 5-15° above average…when the averages are toasty…then you compound!

As the dome of heat focus towards the western part of the country…that will put the Plains more into a NW flow. This was written about almost 7+ days ago here on the blog…and it’s going to happen. For our area this means cold fronts can move through…and that set’s the stage for cooler air masses moving through and potentially some rain too.

The pattern that set’s up starting later this week will linger into early August. As long as the heat dome stays in the western part of the country…and we remain in NW flow…it’s going to be rather decent from a temperature standpoint.

My thought is as August moves along…some of that heat will again return to the Plains…so we’re not done with the hot air…it will be interesting to see how much moisture we can get between later this week and about the 5th of August or so. The more we get the more humid it will get and that may keep temperatures from eclipsing 100°.

Speaking of warmth I thought this was interesting…we’ve had quite the reversal in temperatures this year. The 1st 4 months of the year…through 4/30 were the 22nd coldest in KC weather history.

But note the reversal…since 5/1.


The above chart is interesting to me…because we all remember the heat in 2012…but at least through today…we’re actually hotter on average since 5/1 that in 2012.

This has also been an interesting year tracking the “extreme” temperatures. Over the weekend I talked about the numer of days with highs 90°+…95°+ then I wanted to contrast that with the colder weather over the past winter…so I looked at the number of days with highs 32° or lower…and highs 40° or lower.

It’s been an interesting “balancing” act in the area and yet we’ve almost achieved this…

Our feature photo comes from ‎Savannah Whitesell‎ down towards Spring Hill, KS..of storms rumbling around.


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