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Oklahoma City girl starts church donation drive to help homeless children

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A young girl is on a mission to help homeless children in Oklahoma City.

It’s a mission that’s close to her heart and her faith — a faith often surrounded by many misconceptions.

Anjali Singh says it’s an idea that came to her during a church camp at Sikh Gurdwara of Oklahoma.

“We were learning a lot about sharing, and I noticed the kids really wanted to do something about that. They really wanted to help with that cause,” Singh said.

She knew she wanted to provide an opportunity for the kids to share, so she did some research and took a visit to Positive Tomorrows, a school specifically for homeless children. It’s a cause close to her heart because her own mother once endured the same circumstances.

“She was homeless when she was younger, and so it really pained me when she told me about this,” said Singh.

So when she visited Positive Tomorrows, she knew she was in the right place.

“When they go there they can do what they want,” Singh said. “They’re happy there, and it just makes me feel really good that they have a place that they can call a happy place.”

So, she got to work — finding out what the children and their family needed, setting up a donation drive.

It didn’t take long for the donations to start pouring in.

Singh says this is an opportunity for her church to share their faith mission.

“One of our main principles is just sharing with people,” she said.

She also hopes this helps put an end to the stereotyping and bullying so many Sikhs endure — including her own  family.

“It’s really saddening, especially when I’m a kid here, I just notice it,” Singh said. “I really want people here to know that we’re not here to hurt anyone.”

Positive Tomorrows says they’re grateful for Singh’s help because every donation is a message to the kids that the community has not forgotten them.

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