At forum, Forte points out even more problems at Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- Interim Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forte is going public with more troubling issues he’s discovered in the department he inherited.

At a Jackson County candidate’s forum Monday night in Grandview, Forte revealed there's another retired county lawman who hasn't turned in his weapon.

“There’s a firearm out there that’s unaccounted for basically,” Forte said.

Forte wouldn’t name the reserve colonel who is also believed to have kept his department radio and badge.

“It’s alarming to me that no one knew about this guy being a colonel in the sheriff’s department,” Forte said.

Last week, Forte learned former Sheriff Mike Sharp also did not turn in his firearm after leaving the department.

Interim Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forte

Sharp responded with a message to FOX4 that reads: “I honestly didn’t know I still had it. All Forte had to do was call me and say something instead of making a big production of it. I have turned it over to my FOP (union) representative.”

Another candidate for Jackson County Sheriff, Ramona Arroyo, agrees with Forte that the department needs some housecleaning.

“There are issues,” Arroyo said. “You’ve got to clean up the sheriff’s department, have to clean up the jail. You got to clean up the county. So I don’t have a problem with that.”

Mike Rogers is currently a captain in the county sheriff’s department who is also running for sheriff. He disputes Forte’s characterization of a department with too many loose ends.

“It’s not what they portray it to be,” Rogers said.  “It’s a very good organization. It truly is.”

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