2 women shot on Bellefontaine with 1-year-old in car allegedly in area for drug deal

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two women who were shot Thursday night in Kansas City were allegedly in the area for a drug deal, a police source tells FOX4 -- and they had a one-year-old with them.

The 19-year-old driver from Olathe had her daughter with them Thursday night when they arrived at 43rd and Bellefontaine. The source said the women were sitting in an SUV when two men with guns walked up hoping to buy marijuana from the driver.

However, within moments an argument occurred, and one of the men apparently fired a single gunshot.

Neighbors said the metro mom was shot in her neck. Neighbors also said they learned from police the bullet might have exited the woman’s body and then hit her friend in her arm.

”I was inside watching the football game when I heard a gunshot and ran outside,” a neighbor, who asked us to conceal his identity, told FOX4.

After the double-shooting, Kansas City police tweeted a picture of one of their officers holding and comforting the driver’s little girl as she clutches a teddy bear.

”I kept watching the child for a long time. I know when police thought at first her mother was dead, I could see in the child’s face that she was worried and sad and I felt that. The car was just rolling down the block. It hit my van and I could also hear the female passenger hollering help, help,” said the SUV owner.

Witnesses say after she was shot, the bleeding mom couldn't control her car. They say her vehicle slammed into a neighbor’s parked Toyota, hit a railing and knocked down a woman’s fence in her front yard.

”I came outside and just couldn’t believe my fence was on the ground. I am a grandmother, and I cannot understand why anyone would take a child on a drug run,” said the homeowner whose fence was destroyed.

”The front and the back of my car is messed up. This is really unbelievable considering my car was just parked outside my home. I’ve only had my car for less than a year. I’m very angry, but I also can’t blame the woman, considering she got shot," 18-year-old Gerardo Lopez said.

As of Friday night, police said both women were still in the hospital. The driver suffered critical injuries. A police spokesman also said right now he cannot confirm any of the new information the police source told FOX4.

No arrests have been made in connection with the shootings.

Police are asking anyone with information to call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

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