Country Club Plaza deemed no fly zone for Bird electric scooters

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Bird electric scooters landed in Kansas City last month, but there's already restrictions on where you can ride them.

The Country Club Plaza is now a no-ride zone for the scooters, the product of a California-based scooter-sharing company. Using Bird scooters is controlled through the company's app, but for now, if you open the app to ride a Bird, you'll see it's blocked out at the Plaza.

For now, if you open the app to ride a Bird electric scooter in the Plaza, you'll see it's blocked out.

The Plaza's management said the Bird ban is because of safety incidents that prompted several complaints.

The city just signed an interim operating agreement with Bird on July 31 to allow the company to do business in Kansas City. The Plaza's general manager, Meredith Keeler, said because the Plaza is a public space, the city was within its rights to allow Bird in the shopping district.

But in a statement to FOX4, Keeler said, "After safety incidents resulted in numerous customer and tenant complaints, Bird is pausing its operations until we can assess whether scooters are the right addition to our pedestrian-heavy district."

FOX4 also reached out to Bird, and a spokesperson said they contacted city officials and made the Plaza a no-ride zone. The spokesperson said it's not uncommon for Bird to proactively determine a no-ride zone and no incidents have been reported to Bird or the city.

Officials with Kansas City said they're letting Bird and the Plaza work out the issue among themselves.

Since the interim operating agreement was signed last month, the city authorized Bird's request to add 250 more scooters. Now, there's 350 in the Kansas City fleet.

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