Democrat Laura Kelly not concerned about GOP uncertainty for Kansas governor race

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Democratic Kansas State Senator Laura Kelly says not knowing who her Republican challenger will be in November isn’t having any impact on her campaign for governor.

“I really don’t care,” Kelly said. “We’re really focused on our message and where we’re going. And I don’t think Kobach or Colyer are good options for the state of Kansas. Both of them would take us back to the crisis and turmoil that we’ve faced these last eight years, and Kansans don’t want that.”

Kelly lives in Topeka and has served in the Kansas State Senate since 2004. She describes herself as a “true public servant” with a style that’s been called “no nonsense."

The 68-year-old is married with two grown children.

Kansas State Senator Laura Kelly

“My husband and I moved here 32 years ago, and we came here because of the good schools and the good jobs that were available and its strong sense of community,” Kelly said. “That has been all decimated in the last eight years, and I’m running to restore that so that every kid has the opportunity to succeed just like my two daughters did.”

After cruising to victory in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, Kelly believes she has the momentum and the message that will carry her to victory in the General Election in November.

“I’m confident that we will (win),” Kelly said. “I think it’s been very clear that the message I had during the primary will resonate in the general election because it’s really what Kansans want, regardless of political ideology or political party.”

Kelly also said she believes that Gov. Jeff Colyer and Secretary of State Kris Kobach should recuse themselves from any official duties, in any potential ballot challenges or recounts in the GOP Primary.

“Let me put it this way: They can do what they want to do. If I were in their position I would recuse myself," she said.

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