2-year-old Overland Park boy with spina bifida defies the odds and goes viral

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Two-year-old Roman Dinkel is defying the odds, one step at a time.

The Overland Park toddler was born with spina bifida, a condition that causes defects in the spinal cord and spinal bone development. His family didn't know if he'd ever be able to walk.

Roman underwent surgery in uterto to reduce the effects of his condition and give him a better chance at walking.

Roman Dinkel

"You don't know what to expect," said Whitney Dinkel, Roman's mom. "So we just basically take it day by day, and he just shows us what he can do, and we're thankful for every little thing he does do."

Roman started using a walker a year ago, and a month ago, he started using crutches.

"He was all over the place," Whitney Dinkel said.

It took him a while to learn how to balance, but the results were miraculous.

"I'm walking! Look Maggie, I'm walking," Roman says in a video of him walking alongside the family dog. The video went viral with millions of views online and attention from news outlets across the country. See the adorable video in the player above.

Roman Dinkel

His parent's shared the heartwarming moment on a Facebook page that highlights his journey.

"With this diagnosis, you can be as negative about it as you want to be," said Adam Dinkel, Roman's dad. "But we chose to share all the positive things that we see every day."

Now that he has his new crutches, Roman can play outside with his brother and sister. His parents want him and other families going through the same thing to realize, that's just the start of what they can achieve.

"Never give up," Adam Dinkel said. "We're going to have bad days. Everyone has bad days, and what's what we want him to know is that we overcome those. You take it in stride and you go through it. That's the biggest thing that I want him to know."

Roman with his mom and dad, Whitney and Adam Dinkel

There's one more thing the giggly 2-year-old's parents want him to know.

"We're proud of him," Adam Dinkel said. "Everything he does we're proud of him."

Roman's parents and therapist have faith that one day he'll be able to walk without the crutches. His next goals are standing up from the floor on his own with the crutches and getting strong enough to use them out walking around in public.

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