Independence neighborhood goes nearly 7 months without mail delivered

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Neither snow nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom: That’s the U.S. Postal Service's promise to deliver no matter what. That’s why Melissa Brim is so upset.

“It’s just not fair,” Brim said. “I want our mail.”

It’s been nearly seven months since Brim’s home or the 12 others on the 100 block of North Arlington Street in Independence have received their mail. The post office stopped delivering to the entire block after a carrier was bitten by a neighbor’s dog.

“The neighbors across the street actually (saw) the dog come out the front door after him,” Brim said.

So for the last seven months Brim and her neighbors have had to drive to the downtown post office and pick up their mail from the front desk. It’s a process that can easily take an hour.

Melissa Brim

She particularly feels sorry for two elderly neighbors who no longer drive. One receives her insulin supply by mail.

Every time Brim asked the post office when mail delivery will resume, she said she couldn’t get an answer. At one point, someone from the post office told her that her neighborhood would be receiving a community box, instead of door-to-door delivery.

“OK, when is it coming?” she asked.

A supervisor promised to check on the progress and let her know.

“Never once did I get a phone call from them,” she said.

That’s why Brim called the FOX4 Problem Solvers. She apologized if this was too small of a problem for us, but she didn’t know what else to do. For the record, Problem Solvers believes Brim deserves some kind of award for patience. After all it wasn’t even her dog that bit the letter carrier.

To solve this problem, FOX4 contacted the U.S. Post Office and quickly heard back from spokeswoman Stacy St. John who promised to look into the problem. The very next day a new community post box was installed on Brim’s block.

The post office, however, has never answered our inquiries as to why it took seven months. But Brim is just relieved to have this problem solved.

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