Basketball players who played unauthorized pickup games at Olathe North won’t face charges

OLATHE, Kan. -- No trespassing charges will be filed against some teenagers who've been playing unauthorized pick up games at Olathe North High School.

One of the parents of a teen involved in this say the Johnson County district attorney will drop the trespassing notice officers gave to his son and nearly a dozen other teenagers.

They were cited for trespassing when the showed up to play basketball in the gym at Olathe North.

”We all saw a post on Facebook and then decided to go there just to play basketball. That’s all we did," 17-year-old Syi Sipple told FOX4 earlier this week.

"It was a lot of us. High school students from Schlagle, Olathe North, Turner and other schools. There were also some college students there playing. I don’t think it’s right for the police to give us trespassing notices.  That was my first time there. Lots of kids had been going there on weekends and sometimes during the week just to play basketball. When I went inside the gym, I never even heard an alarm go off. We also saw an adult there sitting in a corner the whole time.”

The district attorney's office says that someone with an unauthorized key let them into the gym. An investigation is underway to determine who has that key.

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