Kansas Highway Patrol gives details about I-435 wrong-way crash, identifies driver killed

LENEXA, Kan. -- Police have released the name of the driver killed in a wrong-way crash on Interstate 435 near 87th Street around 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Tyler Burrows 29, of Lenexa died after driving north in the southbound lanes on I-435.

“We have one vehicle that was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes strike another truck tractor pulling double trailers,” said Lt. Jason Wohlgemuth, with the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Police said Burrows was driving his Ford F-250 the wrong way on I-435. The crash closed the highway for hours. He hit a semitrailer owned by US Foods head-on.

“The driver of the truck that was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes was fatally injured on scene,” Wohlgemuth said. “Some debris from that collision also struck a third vehicle. The driver of the truck tractor semitrailer was not injured, and the driver of the passenger car was also not injured at the scene.”

A spokesman for the Kansas Highway Patrol said Burrow's truck was split in two. He died instantly.

“We check for impairment, and we also look into whether it was a possible suicide,” Wohlgemuth added.

After notifying family members, the patrol released his name around 3 p.m.

“We`ve done further testing on all drivers to test for impairment. Both of those were showing negative on the other two vehicles that we were able to test at this time," Wohlgemuth said.

There was also debris covering all southbound lanes of traffic.

“Any time we have a fatality accident of this nature involving a commercial motor vehicle, we do activate our CHAR team, which is our Critical Highway Accident and Response team. And they`ll come out, do a forensic map and reconstruct the scene as far as location of the vehicles and physical evidence that`s located at the scene and on the roadway,” Wohlgemuth said.

Wohlgemuth said he always tells people to brake and get to the right shoulder as quickly as possible if you see another vehicle coming in the wrong direction toward you.

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