Kobach speaks for first time since Colyer conceded in GOP candidate race for KS governor

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has officially launched his general election campaign for Kansas governor.

Kobach held his first news conference Wednesday since Gov. Jeff Colyer conceded in the race for the Republican candidate for Kansas governor Tuesday night. Replay that news conference in the video player below.

He thanked President Donald Trump for his endorsement, saying it proved to be critical in his election victory.

Kobach told reporters that he shares three important similarities with the president.

First, a desire to crack down on illegal immigration. He said Kansans are fed up with paying benefits to those who aren't citizens. Second, like Trump, Kobach promises big tax cuts for Kansans, saying income, property and sales taxes are all too high.

And lastly Kobach promised to shake things up, saying business as usual in Topeka will not continue, particularly when it comes to funding public education.

"Seventy-five cents of every tax dollar has to be spent in the classroom. That`s on teacher salaries, books, computers for kids, teaching materials, classroom itself on ways that can tangibly affect the student. No more spending lavish sums of money on Taj Mahal administrative buildings like the crystal palace in Shawnee Mission School District," he said.

Kobach said he's the only choice in the governor's race for those against gun control, abortion rights and amnesty for undocumented immigrants. And he said he expects Trump will come to Kansas in the next 83 days to campaign on his behalf.

He said the race is on now, as he hopes to split his opposition among what he calls "two similar liberal progressive candidates."

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