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Joe’s Weather Blog: Unusual and rare mid August system (MON-8/20)

Good morning…I’m trying to remember the last time I remember seeing a substantial surface storm in the Plains in mid August…and I can’t remember anything. I’m sure there was something tropical-related, where a system comes up into the Plains area from the tropics as a depression or a leftover whatever…and in searching for the lowest air pressure in August, I did find some sort of system in late August of 1956 that sent air pressure down to record for August levels…but this is an unusual system for the Plains.


Today: Variable clouds with additional showers likely as the day moves along. An iffy day with temperatures warming into the 70-75° range…then falling into the 60s…then perhaps going back up later today a few degrees. Winds will be increasing and turning towards the NW at 15+ MPH so the rare blustery afternoon in August is ahead

Tonight: Fading evening showers with lots of clouds. Lows in the 60° range

Tuesday: Lingering AM clouds then clearing out and cool with highs near 80°

Wednesday: Cool again (pleasant) with highs near 80° after morning lows in the 50s


Weird weather Monday…it’s not often in August this type of surface map presents itself…

A 1002 mb low = about 29.59″ on the home barometer…that’s impressive.

So it got me thinking…what was the lowest air pressure in the area in the month of August. I found a storm in late August of 1956 that had lower air pressure…it was not tropical related. As near as I can tell it was 8/30/1956 and associated with a cold front that was coming through. This is the actual map from 1:30 that morning!

Then the next morning, on the 31st at 1:30 AM…the front had blow through and we were seeing cooler air move into the area…

I then went to look for the weather observations on the 30th…and since KCI wasn’t even a figment of imagination that year…I checked the Downtown airport and found the lowest pressure down to 1001.3 mbs…or around 29.56″. At some point…supposedly, the pressure that day dropped to 995.9 mbs or around 29.40″ on the barometer.

The lowest pressure with this system that KCI had was 29.67″ as near as I can tell. So somewhat close to something that is a rare thing for the Plains!

Always enjoy digging through the archives!

Meanwhile the surface storm will move away from the area slowly today.

and on the back side of the storm…a cold front will come through switching the winds from the west towards the NW…it was a cool day in Nebraska yesterday…and that cool air will come into the area this afternoon especially and squeeze out the moisture in the atmosphere and hence we’ll see more showers.

There is actually a 40° 7AM temperature in western NE this morning!

The visible satellite picture will be interesting to watch today.

So the storm will bring in the cool air and we’ll enjoy that for the next few days!

Another interesting weather tidbit…the tropics continue to be quiet, at least in the Main Development Region or MDR as we say. Despite the fact that we’re up to the F storm now…Ernesto was last week. So really we’ve had systems but they’ve not been “traditional” systems.

There are a multitude of reasons why, including lots of African dust (not conducive for development farther south north of the equator)…cooler than average water temperatures down there…and lots of dry air in the mid levels of the atmosphere in the MDR as well. There has been more shear that usual too.

We’re slowly coming to the most active time for the tropics to come to life anyway…although over the next week or so not much, if anything is expected. There MIGHT be something towards the last couple of days in the month out towards the eastern Atlantic…very iffy. Even the GFS model that LOVES blowing things up in the tropics…has been rather tame for weeks now and continues to be really over the next 16 days!

You can see how activity is supposed to ramp up, on average, heading towards mid September.

A couple of final notes…lets watch sometime Thursday into Friday AM for the next chance of rain/storms as the hotter air returns.

Once that hotter air comes back…it will be nasty heat and humidity to finish August…think 90-95° type days…so summer still has life left in it…and it will return.

The rain yesterday as expected was feast or famine stuff…there were some bigtime downpours mixed in as well…some with over 2″ of rain.

and there was severe weather as well towards and south  of the 54 highway corridor in southern MO. Several tornadoes were reported…likewise in OK and AR as well.

Impressive day…by mid August standards especially.

The feature photo of the day comes from ‎Richard Garrett Twopointoh‎ taken in Mound City, KS




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