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Metro father allegedly set Overland Park apartment fire after fight at daughter’s graduation

(Photo courtesy Overland Park Fire Dept.)

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Court documents say a metro man allegedly set an Overland Park apartment complex on fire in May, displacing 22 people, after a fight with family members.

Earlier this month, Ronald Buchanan was charged with three counts of aggravated arson with risk of bodily harm, seven counts of aggravated arson with no risk of bodily harm and one count of animal cruelty.

Ronald Buchanan

A dog was killed on May 14 after a two-alarm fire destroyed Spring Hill Apartments.┬áNo one living at the apartment complex was seriously injured, but 22 people were displaced from their homes, including Buchanan’s daughter and her mother.

Recently released court documents say Buchanan allegedly set the fire after he got into a fight at his daughter’s high school graduation on May 13. The next morning after the fire, Buchanan posted to Facebook about the fire.

According to court records, he asked for people to pray for his daughter and her mother but then said he had two spare bedrooms and wouldn’t let either of them stay in them.

“Karma moves with the speed of lightning,” Buchanan wrote on Facebook according to court documents. “Their house burned down last night, lost everything. They have my compassion but they have no support from me.”

Surveillance footage shows Buchanan’s car in the area just before the fire began, and cell phone towers also placed Buchanan in the area.

Police also found a glass bottle on the ground at the apartment building, and lab reports indicated there was acetone, a flammable liquid, inside the bottle. DNA evidence from that bottle matched Buchanan’s.

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