Wild horses and burros on sale at the Wyandotte County Fairground this weekend

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- You've heard of dog and cat adoptions, but what about wild horse and burro adoptions?

The Bureau of Land Management is holding an event Friday out at the Wyandotte County Fairground.

The horses offered at the event are adult and yearling horses and burros that once roamed free on public lands in the west.

The Bureau of Land Management periodically removes excess animals from the range in order to maintain healthy herds, and to protect other rangeland resources.

The adoption and sale program is essential for achieving these important management goals.

Since 1973, the Bureau of Land Management has placed more than 235,000 of these animals in approved homes across the country.

Purchasers should provide adequate feed, care and an enclosed area, such as a corral, barn, stall, etc. The facility may also be a pasture that is suitable for maintaining animals.

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