No Prop A means a happier Labor Day for unions in Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo -- This Labor Day weekend, some laborers are feeling extra celebratory. While most Americans are celebrating a three day weekend, Missouri union members are still celebrating of the defeat of the that Right to Work Bill, Prop A. Those union members say Prop A would’ve weakened unions in the Show-Me State.

“This was a citizen veto of what the government did in Missouri,” said the president of the Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO, ‘“and it’s huge.”

Pat Dujakovich continued, “and I think that we’re starting to see, hopefully, is a continuation of a time where people value organized labor and labor in general.”

Labor Day is, after all, a day to honor the American Worker. Yet it carries extra significance for anyone who voted against Prop A in August.

“This is unprecedented,” said Dujakovich, or Duke, as he’s known.

“This is a law that was passed and signed by the governor - by the then governor - that was overturned by the citizens,” he added.

Dujakovich doesn’t expect state lawmakers to pick another fight with the unions.

“Hopefully,” he said, “with a 67 to 33 percent vote, they get a clear message that that’s not something we want to do.”

AFL-CIO represents dozens of unions in the metro; those include plumbers, pipe fitters, postal workers, welders, machinists, teachers, actors, and NFL players.