Labor Day babies at KC hospital show support for people who work on holidays

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In honor of Labor Day, Truman Medical Center did something to acknowledge people who have to work on the holiday.

Nurses, firefighters, law enforcement, construction workers, chefs -- you name it. On Monday, little hats represented different professions that often don't get time off on holidays like many others.

Those little hats adorned the heads of babies born at the hospital on Labor Day. The babies were also fitted with "My mom worked on Labor Day" onesies.

This was the first time Truman Medical Center has done this, and parents and nurses alike said it was a great idea.

"It was fun," nurse Tina Lindop said. "It's always fund to see all the new babies."

The hats were donated by the Studio Knitting and Needlepoint in Overland Park.

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