Thousands of workers across the metro labor on Labor Day

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some jobs never stop, even on holidays.

Labor Day is designed to celebrate workers across the country, but not everybody gets the day off. Thousands of people across the metro put in the hours Monday despite the fact most were swimming and eating barbecue.

Raechel Blades helped moms who labored this Labor Day. She loves bringing life into the world as a nurse at Truman Medical Center -- even if it means trading relatives.

“I like to work Labor Day," she said. "It’s one of the holidays where you’re making extra money, time and a half, so that’s always a nice benefit. It’s of course hard to be away from your family when they’re doing a lot of family barbecues and events, but it’s great to be here with you work family and bring new babies and life into the world.”

She helped moms who labored this Labor Day.

Bob Gran passed through Kansas City from South Dakota on his way down to Texas and back. He used to get holidays off as a hardware salesman, but driving and delivering on holidays just means closed offices.

“They’re really not holidays for truck drivers," he said. "It just messes up the week. I used to look forward to holidays, but anymore it’s just another day.”

His time on the road is made better however by the company he keeps. His wife travels with him about a third of the time which allows the couple to get in some good, quality time.

“She likes to travel, and she likes to ride. She reads a lot,” Gran said.

But nurses and truck drivers aren't the only ones who have to work on holidays. Here are 10 careers that have to work on Labor Day. Did your job make the list?

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