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Massive sale kicks off at Bob Jones Shoes in preparation for store’s closing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  Busier than Black Friday: That`s what it looked like Tuesday at Bob Jones Shoes.

The longtime KC retailer announced last month it’s closing because owners Rocky Horowitz and Harry Bosley decided to retire after 58 years in business.

On Tuesday, employees kicked off the big closing sale.

Parnter Harry Bosley said they were supposed to open at 9 a.m. Tuesday but actually opened the doors almost an hour early since there was a line out the door.

“We had so many people that came in and said that they`re retired now, but they came when they were a teenager with their parents, their grandparents. It`s bittersweet for a lot of people,” Harry Bosley said.

Besides the sentimental value, people are taking advantage of deep discounts — anywhere from 20 to 75 percent. Bob Jones Shoes plans to stay in business until all the merchandise is gone.