Both sides of state line brace for rainy weekend, potential flash flooding

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City’s Emergency Operations Center is ground zero for disaster management during severe weather events.

“For weather events like we’re expecting tomorrow and this weekend, we activate," KCMO Emergency Planner Christopher Carroll said.

Firefighters, dispatchers, electric company crews and more meet at a designated command post and work from there for hours on end to keep the city and its residents safe.

“The purpose of bringing all of those key individuals here is so that we can most efficiently and most rapidly deploy our resources,” Carroll said.

The biggest concern heading into this weekend is flooding.

“We do have barricade teams ready. Do not drive around the barricades just because you don’t see the flood water. The flood water might be several feet down the road. The barricade is there for your protection,” Carroll said.

Just on the other side of the state line, many people are keeping an eye on the sky as well.

Leticia Macias lives in the Argentine neighborhood in KCK. Her home and belongings were badly damaged when the neighborhood flooded multiple times because of an issue with a nearby city water pump.

“Them not turning on the pump was one. And then they cut some trees down on 42nd Street over there, and all that brush and all the trees -- the debris that they had when they were doing all of the cutting -- it blocked off the creek,” Macias said.

Since then, the city has fixed the pump and made other changes to the landscape that she hopes will help during this weekend’s rain.

“That’s kind of scary because then now, I got to see what happens. Is the water going to be OK when it makes its way all the way down?” Macias said.

Emergency management officials say this is a good time to make a plan and practice it with your family. After all, September is National Preparedness Month.

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