Lenexa police investigating possible swatting call after false report of shooting

LENEXA, Kan. -- Police are investigating a possible swatting call Thursday after a false report of an armed disturbance and shooting in Lenexa.

Lenexa police spokesman Danny Chavez said officers were called to a home in the 10200 block of Caenan Lake Road.

But after swarming the area, Chavez said police later determined there was no crime at the residence.

Swatting is when someone places a hoax call to law enforcement in order to get a large group of armed officers to show up at an address.

FOX4 talked with one neighbor who lives two doors down from the home. John Morrison said he was coming home for work when all this was happening. He has a wife and child, so he was worried for their safety -- that is until an officer knocked on his door and told him they were likely handling a swatting call.

Morrison believes those who make these fake calls should be severely punished.

"They get a threat like this -- you can`t fault the police for taking every threat seriously. I think there would be some outrage if they didn't take every threat seriously and something happened because of that," he said. "So it puts the police in a bad situation. Not just that, but the poor kid that lives down the street. I`m sure he`s still terrified."

In 2017, a Los Angeles man was charged with involuntary manslaughter after a swatting call turned deadly. Tyler Barriss, 25, was upset over a video game and allegedly made a hoax call to Wichita Police that led to officers shooting a man on his front porch.

The man who died in the incident, Andrew Finch, was not the intended target of the hoax call. The district attorney declined to file charges against the officer.

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