#TaylorMeetJordan: Harrisonville girl with cancer still trying to ‘Shake It Off’

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HARRISONVILLE, Mo. -- Three years ago this month, FOX4 viewers everywhere were tweeting #Taylor Meet Jordan, helping a young cancer patient meet her hero.

As Taylor Swift prepares for her return to Kansas City on Saturday night for a concert at Arrowhead Stadium, FOX4 checked in with 10-year-old Jordan Overcast.

She's still tiny but looks a little different than when she met the pop icon since she now has a full head of hair.

"She's got all her pictures nailed to her wall and when people come over she goes straight to her room and shows everybody," her mother Misty Overcast warned us.

She wasn't kidding.

Taylor Swift and Jordan Overcast

"This is me at Taylor`s concert," Jordan said as she quickly pointed out pictures of her and the pop-star all over her mirror.

Jordan first became the darling of Harrisonville at just 7 years old.

"That`s me at the football game," Jordan shows us of her being crowned homecoming queen.

Later it was all of the metro and all of Taylor Swift's social media fans who got to know her infectious spirit, with a little help from FOX4 spreading the hashtag #TaylorMeetJordan.

"FOX4 just stepped in and pulled this whole thing together, and when we got the news, we were at the station," Donna Overcast recalled.

Jordan still might just be Taylor Swift's biggest fan.

"I listen to her on my phone," she said.

"That's all she talks about is Taylor Swift. She likes to dance to Taylor. She sings to Taylor," her grandmother explained.

10-year-old Jordan Overcast "shakes it off" to a Taylor Swift song.

Jordan "got down to the sick beat" of "Shake it Off" while we met with her Friday.

"To Jordan even though the song is about bullying, it was more for us to shake the cancer off.  Even though she still has it, one day at time, just keep moving."

Jordan never misses a beat, even though she's not lightning on her feet because of the cancer that's pretty much stunted her growth and forced her to walk with braces. She's also lost hearing in her left ear.

"She's just a joy. She really is. I know that's God got her here for a reason, and she's just hope. She's the picture of hope," Donna Overcast said.

Jordan sees a different picture of hope when she looks at herself in the mirror -- that time Taylor Swift gave her a kiss.

"She makes my heart happy," Jordan said with a smile.

With medical bills still mounting, a repeat trip to the Taylor Swift concert wasn't in the budget this year. Swift will play Saturday as part of her Reputation Tour at Arrowhead Stadium at 7 p.m. with Camila Cabello and Charlie XCX.

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