Stranger breaks into California home to sleep on couch

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — An intruder scared a West Hollywood man when he broke into his home and tried to sleep on his couch. Oddly enough, when confronted the stranger told the homeowner to get out of his room.

Larry Block said he woke up and the stranger was standing over him in his bedroom.

Block said earlier in the night his dogs barked to alert him of something, but he didn’t heed their warning.

The house is located near Santa Monica.

Surveillance video shows the man entered the home through a gate. The stranger was dressed somewhat like a cowboy.

The stranger didn’t take money or jewelry, but he left the couch in a mess. The homeowner said it smelt bad.

When the homeowner and stranger confronted each other near the couch, the stranger yelled at the homeowner saying he had trespassed into his house.

Larry called police and the stranger fled. Los Angeles County deputies arrested the man down the street.

Officers said the man was drunk and had been partying up the street before the break-in.