Neighbors witness tragedy as toddler is run over and killed in Olathe

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A toddler died Monday after being run over in Olathe. It's the third time a child has been run over and killed in Olathe in two years.

This happened  just after 12 p.m., at 159th Terrace and South Lennox Drive.

Several of the neighbors saw this tragedy. Others inside their homes told FOX4 they were alerted to it by hearing the child's father wailing -- then came out of their homes to see the scene they say they will never forget.

"These are the hardest calls for us to go on. They are just tough, all around, for everyone involved," Olathe Police Sgt. Logan Bonney said.

Olathe police responded to the tragic call -- a family member, backing out of this driveway on 159th Terrace hit and killed an 18-month-old little boy. Neighbors are stunned by this tragedy.

"You know what? They have always been attentive to their kids. I never see their kids out running around, there is always someone out with them," neighbor Carol Isaacson said.

"What usually happens is these kids sneak out of the house, somebody is coming or going from the home, and they want to say 'bye bye' or they want to go greet somebody. And by the time someone inside watching them realizes they are out of the house, not in another room, it is too late," Amber Rollins with advocacy group Kids and Cars said.

The group formed to protect children from these types of tragic accidents, accidents the group calls an unrecognized danger to children. Rollins says just as many children are injured and killed when cars are driving forward as they do from back-up accidents.

"We got a law passed that is going to require back up cameras, but it is really important for people to not know that a back up camera is not fool-proof. A lot of times when children are backed over, they come in from the side of the vehicle where they can not be seen by the back up camera and if you can`t see something you can not avoid hitting it," Rollins said.

"Kids, they move, they are curious they are walking around they are trying to figure out what is going on and they want to see everything that is happening. So, all we can say it try your best to keep an eye on your kids and watch them, but like I said, these are tragic, tragic situations that we can some day avoid," Sgt. Bonney said.

As of now, police do not expect any charges to be filed against the driver of the car. They say this is simply a tragic accident.

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