Hundreds of metro volunteers heading to East Coast to meet Hurricane Florence

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Emergency response crews from the metro are heading to the Carolinas as Hurricane Florence rolls toward the coast.

Two volunteers left Tuesday, driving a Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle, to meet about 16 more volunteers who have already been deployed to the Carolinas from the Missouri and Arkansas region.

Once there, they will be assisting with disaster response after the category 4 hurricane hits. This crew will set up a kitchen, and the E.R.V. will bring food from that kitchen into the neighborhoods to feed those in need.

“I feel humbled because I just wish I could do more for them.” said Mike Worley, one of the Red Cross volunteers. “They will come up there and tell us their experience. They will tell us what they need as far as, 'Gosh, do you have gloves? Do you have trash bags?' And then the next day when we go out we'll make sure we have gloves and we have trash bags."

The Red Cross kitchen is expected to make 12,000 meals for lunch and 12,000 meals for dinner, each day.

Additionally, 210 other people from the metro are also heading to the soon-to-be disaster zone, from Westar and KCP&L to help crews there in the electrical recovery post-storm.

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