15-year-old fills dozens and dozens of bags of supplies for mothers in need

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kennedy Wolf has achieved a lot in her 15 years, but it's her heart and passion to help others that's making a difference.

"I just feel for anyone who has to struggle like that because it's not their choice. It's the position they're put in, and I feel like if I were in that position, I would want someone to be able to help me," the KC teen said.

Kennedy invited FOX4 to Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care for a first-hand look at a project more than a year in the making. She's put together about 150 bags for moms in need that are truly making a difference in her community.

"So we have diapers that go inside. We have baby wipes, and then we have formula or oatmeal depending on the baby's age," Kennedy said.

The Pembrook Hill sophomore saw a need while volunteering.

Kennedy Wolf

"I saw a mom with a baby, a young baby with a paper towel as a diaper, and it really just kind of pulled on my heart strings," she said. "I was like, 'I really need to find a way to help people like this.'"

One of those moms was Roberta, who asked us not to use her last name.

"It means a lot to me. I have twins so it's very difficult to be able to afford, as a single mom to provide diapers consistently. It's very expensive," she said.

In Roberta's case, diapers and formula for a month can cost more than $100.

"It's very impressive. I know at 15 years old, I would have never considered being so thoughtful and giving back to the community in that way," Roberta said.

"I think it's great that shes in tune to the needs of the community and really wants to give back at such a young age," said Dr. Kelsie Kelly with Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care.

The bags are color-coded based on the child's age: red for infants, green for toddlers. Besides the basic necessities, there's also a little surprise inside.

"Usually we get books to put in here so the moms can go home with a book to read to their children," Kennedy said.

If you want to help Kennedy with her project, you can drop off donations at Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care. They appreciate diapers, wipes, instant oatmeal and formula.

Mom's are allowed to come back as often as they'd like to pick up a support bag. That's why donations are greatly needed.

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