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Snapchat photos of gun, bullet deemed not a threat but put Eudora High on alert

EUDORA, Kan. -- A social media post made for a tense day for Eudora High School students and staff.

According to the school district, students saw pictures on Snapchat of a gun and a bullet. They got scared, took screen shots and showed the principal, who turned the pictures over to police.

The person who posted the photos on Snapchat is a former Eudora High student, who was already out of school for disciplinary reasons.

The Eudora Police Department investigated and determined there was not a credible threat based off the pictures. The students and staff were not in any danger. They did agree to patrol Eudora High on Thursday to put students and staff at ease.

A spokesperson for the district said students are on high alert because of an incident that happened at the school last week.

"I think that our students are nervous and our staff are a little bit nervous because there was last week a Taser that was found in a backpack based on again a tip, a rumor somebody heard and told someone," said Kristin Magette, spokeswoman for the Eudora School District. "The Taser was found in the backpack and the student who had brought that to school was taken into custody and disciplinary procedures were begun at that point. Not the same as today but it can kind of all start to feel scary all together and that is why we handled today’s concerns appropriately."

The district said the student from last week's incident never planned to use the Taser on campus.

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