Motorcycle group on mission to raise money to buy service dogs for first responders with PTSD

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- Firefighters with PTSD revved up their motorcycles in Grandview, Mo., Friday before heading to Texas to continue their mission to help first responders.

Matt Doughty, who is also a firefighter, founded the non-profit to raise money to train service dogs. Doughty himself has PTSD and knows firsthand how these dogs help a person cope with PTSD.

Doughty says they're hoping to raise enough money for at least one dog from this ride.

"The organization as a whole has helped numerous people in the last couple years, and there’s a lot of momentum in for first responders to have an avenue to heal," Doughty told FOX4. "It is extremely important. The more of us that band together and provide them resources, the better offer first responders a be in our communities as a whole."

If you'd like to donate to the organization, click or tap here.