Half cab, half police car hits metro streets with warning about drunk driving

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A new kind of hybrid car is hitting the road, and it aims to make a splash at metro nightspots in the coming months.

The Jackson County Traffic Safety Task Force, along with many community partners, joined together to create the "Choose Your Ride" half taxi/half police car.

The car serves as a mobile messaging campaign to remind the public to never drink and drive and always choose a safe ride home.

The half taxi, half police cruiser will mainly serve as a rolling billboard. It isn’t an operating police car, and it doesn’t work like a cab.

Instead, it’s designed to start a discussion and make people think before they act.

“Everybody has a choice,” said Leann Lewis with MADD’s Heartland Chapter. “It also shows the financial consequences. If you get a DUI, that costs $10,000 or more. A taxi may have been $20.”

Lewis lost her father in a drunk driving crash in 2008.

The Choose Your Ride car will make appearances and popular nightspots all over the metro.

“Innocent people that are involved in crashes, they don’t get that choice,” Independence Police Dep. Chief Ken Jarnigan said. “But the impaired driver does. It’s all about choices, and hopefully they’ll make responsible choices.”

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