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10-year-old girl accidentally shot by little brother brings gun safety reminders

MERRIAM, Kan. -- A 10-year-old girl is recovering after being accidentally shot in the leg by her 9-year-old brother in Merriam, Kan.

A family member now faces a criminal investigation for not securing the handgun.

Neighbors along Farley Court in Merriam are still trying to grasp what happened Sunday night.

"Pretty shocked, and it's an unfortunate situation and just hope everyone's okay," neighbor Chanlakhone Srivisay said.

Police said around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, the 9-year-old boy got hold of a gun, and his older sister was shot.

The city's police chief said incidents like this should never happen.

"Gun conversations don't need to just happen with families that own guns.  Need to happen with all families.  Every parent needs to tell their children this is not a toy and you don`t play with it," Merriam Police Chief Michael Daniels said.

Part of the conversation is also about keeping any guns you own secured with gun safes or gun locks.

"You unload your firearm. This is a training firearm.  You slide this through.  It's locked.  Cannot fire a bullet," Chief Daniels said.

Small gunlocks free at the Merriam Police Department and dozens of other law enforcement agencies in the area.

"No background checks, no nothing.  Don't ask for info, just hand them the gun lock.  If they want us to show them how it works, well do that."

The little girl injured in the shooting is expected to recover.

Police said the family member she and her brother were staying with could end up facing child endangerment charges.