International pen-pals finally meet after 53 years of letter writing

SEATTLE -- After decades of letters and living worlds apart, two international pen pals are finally meeting face to face.

Dana and Kathy began writing to one another in the 7th grade, according to KCPQ. On Sunday, they finally met each other after 53 years.

Loneliness prompted 13-year-old Dana to reach out after discovering an ad for a pen pal in an old "Archie" comic book, that was in 1965.

Six months later, the first letter arrived from Kathy, who had responded to a similar ad in an Australian newspaper.

"We just told each other about our families and our interests," Kathy told Q13 News. "I met a boy -- my future husband when I was 17... we all had news about boyfriends and it was great."

"Oh yeah, marriage, kids," Dana added.

And despite the build-up of dust, Dana and Kathy both saved all their old letters, written on special stationery.